Our camp is run by our onsite founders Daisy, Lars and their 3 children Kioa, Indy and Lani, a creative Dutch family who enjoy living ‘off-grid’ in nature.

Our camps run by our onsite founders Daisy, Lars and their 3 children Kioa, Indy and Lani. A creative Dutch family who enjoy living ‘off grid’ in nature.

We love taking our children and friends into nature and explore the wonder wilderness. Over the years, we have experienced first-hand the positive connection between young people and the natural world. Nature inspires kids to relax, encourages environmental awareness, enhances creativity and enables to learn important countryside living and outdoor leadership skills.

Daisy specializes in arts, crafts, drawing and painting. She loves to work with organic materials found during hikes. She takes care about the ‘veggie garden’ and loves to cook fresh, simple and healthy meals with local products and seasonal vegetables. She is an intuitive coach
and has led many creative workshops. As a profession, she works as a freelance Graphic Designer and you will find her together with Lars on film sets assisting film crews shooting in the Barcelona area.

As a director and photographer, Lars is an experienced storyteller and has a special eye for photo and video visuals. Lars is especially interested in living off the grid, architecture, innovation and technology he is always challenging his creative mind and loves sharing his passions with those around him. He also has a great love for all kinds of sports games and shares his enthusiasm with the children at our camps.

Kioa (14) is a socially skilled and talkative boy with 1001 ideas. He is able to work well in a group and can think very well about practical problems.
Indy (11) is a calm and sweet girl with a passion and talent for cooking. Indy can spend hours in silence in the kitchen after which she comes out with a beautifully baked cake.
Lani (9) does somersaults from great heights onto the trampoline as if it’s nothing. She has a very well defined character for her age and enjoys finding adventures with new children.

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